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Square D

Are you looking for a replacement Square D bus plug? You’ve come to the right place. Our expansive inventory covers three Square D model series: I-Line I or II (PQ) bus plugs, 100 Amp Busway (PIN) bus plugs and Round Bar (SD Type) bus plugs.

I-Line I or II (PQ) Bus Plugs

Our huge selection of the Square D I-Line I and II series features complete coverage for both breaker and fusible styles. Within each style, we over both 3 and 4 wire models with and without ground ranging from 240-600 volts and 30-1600 amperes.

100 Amp Busway (PIN) Bus Plugs

Designed for smaller electrical systems, the Square D 100 Amp series currently features availability in both fusible and breaker styles available in 3 and 4 wire models. Our inventory of the 100 amp PIN bus plugs range from 15-100A and can cover any interrupting rating requirements.

Round Bar (SD Type) Bus Plugs

Still running round bar (SD) bus duct? Not a problem. We have an ample collection of the older and obsolete models of Round Bar bus plugs that fit the old Round Bar bus duct. Available again in both fusible and circuit breaker styles ranging from 30-400 amperes in both 3 and 4 wire versions.

No matter the brand or vintage of obsolete bus plugs, EMSCO is sure to have it in stock. Please view our site and search for the model number you need. If you prefer, simply contact us and our sales team will be happy to find it for you.

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